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Mwambao Coastal Community Network

Linking for Sustainable Coastal Management



MWAMBAO COASTAL COMMUNITY NETWORK has trained community members in the villages of Kigombe, Buyuni, Makangale and Chongoleani in participatory video techniques (scroll down for links to films). Resulting films have been:

•  shared with participating communities,

•  disseminated to NGOs,

•  posted on the internet and

•  broadcast on national television networks.


The ‘blast fishing’ film will be used as part of a magistrates training (WWF Tz) and has led to Beach Management Unit capacity building and action planning, and community representation to supporting NGOs. 


Following a plenary workshop in December 2011, member communities have received their own ‘flipcams’ (small videocams) and are working together to produce a joint film addressing Destructive Fishing (Uvuvi Haramu). 

Hajj M. Hajj - From the island of Pemba, Zanzibar, Hajj has a long time commitment to the environment.  A man with many talents, his technical skills are invaluable in the team. 

Lorna Slade - Raised in Kenya, Lorna has a long history of work in environmental conservation and development issues.  She is a strong proponent of community role and voice in management of natural resources.

Ali Thani - Trained as a forester and extensionist, Ali has for the last 7 years worked in community-based coastal resource management.  From Unguja, Zanzibar, Ali is a competent facilitator.

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Board of Directors

Sheha Hamdan. Currently Director of the The Department of Forestry and non Renewable Natural Resources in Zanzibar, Sheha has extensive experience having previously been Director the Tanzanian Marine and Coastal Environmental Management Project. 

Baraka Kalangahe. From Bagamoyo, Baraka has travelled widely and has many years of coastal experience including an extensive understanding of community-based coastal resource management.  Currently  Project Director for TCMP-PWANI Project (Tanzania Coastal Management Project), he is an active advisor to the network.

Hashim Rune. Having lived in Zanzibar for many years, Hashim runs a seaweed export company and has a thorough understanding of community challenges.

Clive Jones.  Clive has been involved in conservation for many years and was instrumental in the establishment of the Tanzania Natural Resources Forum and a Director of TNRF.

Alais Morindat.  Alais has worked in development for many years.  He currently runs a programme for the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) and Resource Conflict Institute (RECONCILE) on providing generic training courses for pastoralist communities in northern Tanzania on their civil rights.

Mike Jones. Mike has worked in community based management of natural resources for many years and was Director for the Africa CBC network programme for Sand County Foundation for 9 years based in Zimbabwe.

Mwambao Coastal Community Network

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