Mapping Community Closures

OUR NEWS MAPPING COMMUNITY CLOSURES Mapping Community Closures 26/09/2019 Yesterday some of our team were out on the water mapping the fishing grounds of 3 communities in Pemba, Zanzibar, alongside their SFCs (Community committees responsible for fisheries management decisions). An important component of our community-based management work is mapping each communities coastal resources to guide […]

Reef Restoration Update: 67 reefballs constructed

OUR NEWS REEF RESTORATION UPDATE Reef Restoration Update: 67 reefballs constructed 17/09/2019 Reef restoration update: we now have 67 reefballs ready for deployment at Boma Subutuni, Tanzania – an area previously heavily plagued by blast-fishing! Mwambao are engaging with Boma Subutuni village to build the capacity of the community’s BMU* and implement a coastal resource […]

Artificial Reef Construction Training

OUR NEWS ARTIFICIAL REEF CONSTRUCTION TRAINING Artificial Reef Construction Training 25/06/2019 We had a blast making our first reefballs of 2019! The reefballs will form an artificial reef which is going to be incorporated into our community-based management work with Boma Subuntuni village near Tanga. Our work with Boma Subutuni is an expansion of our […]

New partnership for Artificial Reef project!

OUR NEWS ARTIFICIAL REEF PROJECT New partnership for Artificial Reef project! 23/05/2019 New partnership with Rustic Pathways! The project will develop an artificial reef, in the form of Reef Balls, to complement our sustainable management activities with Boma Subutuni village on mainland Tanzania. We’ll be working with community members and international students to construct and […]