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Text Box: Contact Text Box: MWAMBAO COASTAL COMMUNITY NETWORK is a Tanzanian network formed to promote sustainable community-based management of coastal resources, thereby building resilience to environmental change. The ability of communities to build livelihoods and reduce vulnerability is critical in enabling them to protect local ecosystems. Knowledge and its communication build people’s capacity to:

•	improve  livelihoods, 
•	engage positively in national policy processes and 
•	provide  self-determination and resilience. 

Mwambao Coastal Community Network is an initiative of Sand County Foundation Tanzania, a locally registered NGO and based in Zanzibar.   Established in 2001, SCF (Tz) has a long-term commitment to community-based natural resource management and the development of knowledge networks for building adaptive capacity and resilience.

We are using PARTICIPATORY VIDEO (PV) as a tool; we build the network through PV training in member villages and the resulting videos add to the body of knowledge available to the coastal community (scroll down for links to videos). 
PARTICIPATORY VIDEO is a simple and ethical film-making process which trains and empowers participants to debate, plan and film their own community experiences and practices. The method leaves behind:

a historical record, 
a visual presentation on DVD and 
a more knowledgeable group of community members. 

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Mwambao Coastal Community Network,  
P.O. Box 3810, Shangani, 
Zanzibar, Tanzania.


Tel: 	+255-777573684 (TZ); 	+44-7977-241987 (UK)
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Mwambao Coastal Community Network

Linking for Sustainable Coastal Management

Capacity building – Knowledge sharing – Resilience -  Community voice – Action

Links to Mwambao Participatory Videos (with English subtitles) – note, quality is compromised to allow uploading but DVD copies are available:


1) Management of Coastal Resources, Kigombe Village, Tanga

2) Beach Conservation Kigombe Village Tanga (erosion management)

3) ‘The Sea is our Life’ Parts 1 & 2 Buyuni Village, Tanzania (focus on blast/dynamite fishing)

4) Let Us Protect the Environment So that it can Protect Us, Buyuni Village, Tanzania (takers and caretakers)

“Capacity building

Knowledge sharing


Community voice


Mwambao Coastal Community Network