Mwambao Resources

Participatory octopus market system development

Publication in Oryx 2018 - The International Journal of Conservation

Mwambao presentation at WIOMSA 2017

Collaborative marine management at village level in Pemba. Factors determining village receptiveness; a case study of two neighbouring villages

Mwambao's "solution" for Blue Solution's Forum

Octopus management - an entry point for collaborative fisheries management (2016)

Assessment & priority setting for marine and coastal resource conservation

In the Pemba Channel region for FFI, Pemba and Tanga, Tanzania (2014)

Participatory video on dynamite fishing

Buyuni village, Temeke District (2011)


Collaborative Management Group Poster (Kiswahili)
Mwambao Octopus Comic Kiswahili
Mwambao Octopus Management poster in Kiswahili
Mwambao poster: Octopus Management as an Entry Point for Collaborative Fisheries Management
Mwambao ZANSASP poster: Kamati ya uvuvi ya shehia yenye ufanisi mzuri. Kiswahili
Mwambao ZANSASP poster: Effective & Operational SFCs. English version

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