we are from coastal communities

 We know their challenges, yet we also know their strong potential and great strengths. We bring technical skills, science, systems, and structures to support communities to more effectively and fairly manage their marine resources – for today and tomorrow. 

The Mwambao Team supports the learning and development of the network, communicates with and about the network, and implements supporting projects with network members & other coastal communities. 

Mwambao Group Photo

Our team has grown steadily since 2010.  In 2023 we have 46 staff based in 4 different teams located in Pangani and Tanga city on mainland Tanzania, and Pemba and Unguja Islands, Zanzibar. 


Said Khalid

Said Khalid

Chief Executive Officer

Said Khalid (Dip in Forestry-Olmotonyi Arusha 1988; ADCA – IDM-Mzumbe 1994; CPA (T) – 2003; MBA-
UDSM-2008) has more than 20 years of experience in the management and administration of marine,
environmental, natural resource and livelihood programs. He worked with Government of Zanzibar at
the Forestry Department as in charge of Forestry Inventory and survey section and then at the
Department of Agriculture as Assistant Accountant – ADB-Rainfed Rice Development Project.
After that he joined with African Wildlife Foundation in their program the ‘Zanzibar Environmental
Education Program’. Thereafter joined with Environment & Development Group (EDG) on their
Protected Areas Program called Misali Island Conservation Project. Before joining Mwambao he worked
with CARE International Tanzania in several capacities. First at the Jozani Chwaka Bay Conservation
Project and then at the CARE Tanzania Head Quarters in Dar Es Salaam. He was among the Senior
Leadership member of CARE Tanzania and the Head of Finance before Joining MWAMBAO team in July
2020. He joined Mwambao as the Head of Finance and Administration before moving into the role of
Chief of Operations and became Chief Executive Officer for MWAMBAO in February 2023.

Ali Thani

Technical Advisor

Ali has worked in the natural resources sector (forestry & fisheries) under Zanzibar Government for more than 10 years. He has has also worked for CARE International and WWF Tanzania for more than 12 years in Communication, Awareness and Training. Ali is from Zanzibar and for the last 7 years he’s worked in community-based coastal resource management. He is an excellent facilitator and an experienced practitioner of Participatory Video. He has a passion for education and a deep sense of community.

Email: alythani@mwambao.or.tz

Lorna Slade

Technical Advisor

Raised in Kenya, Lorna has a long history of work in environmental conservation and development issues. She is a strong proponent of the community’s role and voice in management of natural resources and believes in the power of participatory video in making a difference. Trained as an ecologist and in PV methodology she is committed to building the Mwambao network.

Email: lornaslade@mwambao.or.tz

Juma Mohamed

Juma Mohamed

Head of Operations


Juma is a passionate Marine Conservation and Livelihoods professional with over 7 years of experience in Credit and Business development in SMEs in coastal communities. Coming from a finance background with a Master’s in Finance and Investment from Coventry University UK, Juma has worked in corporate banking and international development, managing private sector development programs focusing on regional economic integration and small and medium enterprises.  Juma is a member of the African Marine Conservation Leadership Network and represents the first marine cohort of the African Marine Leadership Programme.  He is currently working for Mwambao as  Head of Programme, managing all marine programs across the Zanzibar islands of Unguja and Pemba, as well as the Tanga region on mainland Tanzania.


Mohammed Gola

Head of Marine Programmes

Mohammed, widely known as Gola, was raised in Zanzibar, with a profound history of working in education and administration in government settings. His passionate commitment and experience in supporting marginalized and local communities realizing their full potential towards their immediate resources and livelihood opportunities with NGOs encouraged him to pursue a Master Degree in Community Development. For the last 5 years he has worked as a Community Engagement Officer with RTI/Plan International. He is excellent in community engagement through participatory facilitation, partnership and capacity building, resource monitoring and mentoring. He is motivated to work with MCCC to support coastal communities’ build resilience in their surrounding marine resources.


Abubakar Othman Masoud

Head of Program-Livelihood

Abubakar is an experienced Village savings and Loans professional  with over 26-years working with coastal communities. He started his career as a Cooperative Marketing Officer and later joined CARE International in Tanzania, while he was at CARE he was a co-founder of the Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLAs) where he began working on the Jozani and Chwaka Bay Conservation Project (JCBCP).

Hope Beatty

Hope Beatty

Head of Monitoring Evaluation & Learning

Hope grew up in Arusha with an academic background in Conservation Science with key interest in understanding socio-economic change within coastal communities.


Ali Issa

Head of Finance

Ali is a certified public Accountant.


Nuru Said Salum

Programmes Coordinator

Nuru comes from an educational background as she used to teach chemistry and biology. Born and raised in Zanzibar Island Nuru holds a Master degree in environmental science from State University Of Zanzibar. She has five years working experience in fisheries and marine resource sectors in the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources, Livestock and Fisheries Zanzibar where she worked as Marine conservation Officer. She has been involved a lot of research work on fisheries, as she once worked as a Research Officer at Institute of Marine Science .

Fatma A. Khamis

Women & Small Scale Fisheries Manager

Fatma holds a bachelor’s degree in forestry & nature conservation. Prior to joining Mwambao Fatma worked in Government, national and International non-government organisations.  Fatma has worked for many years as a community strengthening officer in natural resources management and was a gender focal person for CARE International under HIMA-REDD+ project, and she is keen to engage women in all development activities. She is exceptionally committed and capable, and particularly enjoys her work in the field, communicating with and bringing network members together to discuss common challenges and find strategies for improvement. 

Ali Abdurahim

Mangrove Restoration Manager

Aliy Abdurahim Aliy is an expert in natural resources conservation and management, with more than 20 years of experience working with national parks/forests and community lands. With further experience working in the ecotourism sector, Aliy brings a diverse skill-set to the Mwambao team. He’s committed to knowledge and skill exchange as he believes that knowledge is flexible and is ever expanding, so long as you learn and let others learn from you.

Naomi Muisu

Human Resources and Admin Manager

Naomi has worked within various industries namely hotels, banking, construction, food and beverage as well as for NGOs. Previously she worked in administration and finance supporting roles for the above industries, and as chief custodian and teller for a well known bank.

Said Juma

Said Juma

Coastal Livelihood Manager

Said is from educational background with vast experience in aquaculture  

Shija Msikula

Shija Msikula

Project Manager -Blue Action Fund

Shija is a seasoned programme manager with a passion for Natural Resource management, Private sector engagement and improved community livelihoods. With more than 15 years of experience worked with various donor funded organisations at senior levels. He has developed skills on strategic leadership, cross-functional team management,  organisational abilities, and financial management. Others are on nature-based solutions, sustainable ecosystem systems and climate change adaptation and mitigations. Shija can also work well on projects monitoring and evaluations  using both qualitative and quantitative analysis. Throughout his career, Shija has successfully managed diverse projects including private owned companies and community-based organisations across all levels.


Kaijage Laurian

Ecological Data Mnager

Kaijage is an accomplished Ecological Data Manager with a multifaceted background in marine research, biodiversity assessment, and conservation science. With an innate passion for the intricacies of aquatic ecosystems, Laurian’s professional journey is marked by a dedication to advancing our understanding of marine life.
Kaijage’s foundation in marine science was solidified during their tenure as a Research Assistant under the BIOEEL-TZ project. With a skill set spanning from data management to fish biology, Kaijage brings a holistic approach to ecological management. As an Ecological Data Manager, Kaijage embodies the fusion of scientific expertise and a passion for preserving our aquatic ecosystems. His contributions not only advance our understanding of marine life but also underscore the critical role of data-driven conservation in safeguarding our natural heritage. Connect with Kaijage on LinkedIn to explore their journey in ecological data management and marine conservation

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Baraka Simba

Communication Officer

Baraka is a highly skilled Communications and Public Relations professional with a track record of success in managing web content, implementing social media strategies, and overseeing internal and external communications and distribution channels. Expert in tracking projects, media exposure, and updating databases and media lists. Exceptional ability to research, write and edit content for distribution including photos and videos.


Rashid Abdallah

Senior Accountant

Rashid is a core member of our accounts team, He holds an Advance Diploma in Accounting from ZIFA and Bachelor degree in Economic Development from Mwalimu Nyerere Memorial Academy  and currently he is pursuing a Masters Degree in Finance and Economics at Zanzibar University. His previous experience before working with Mwambao includes working in administration and finance for ACRA International NGO.


Shadya Juma

Monitoring Evaluation & Learning Officer

Shadya has a wealth of knowledge in the areas of Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E), research, gender equality, project planning, and management.  Shadya is passionate about data, especially when it comes to how data can be used to inform project direction and assist community stakeholders in sustainably managing their resources.

Ali Mzee

Ali Mzee Ali

Data Management Officer

Ali was born and raised in Kiwengwa. He holds a diploma in Financial Accounting from Zanzibar Institute of Financial Administration, currently known as State University of Zanzibar. Ali joined Mwambao in 2017 as a part time data entry officer entering octopus catch data and was later promoted to Data Management Officer. He has now joined Mwambao on a full time basis as Data Management Officer for both catch monitoring and MKUBA eco-credit scheme data.

RAYA (1)

Raya Rashid

Women & Small Scale Fisheries Officer

Ms.Raya Ali Rashid from Zanzibar completed her bachelor’s degree in gender and development in 2020, she is dedicated to gender and youth-friendly activities as she has volunteered at Bwagamoyo youth-friendly service as a gender officer for two years. Currently, she is working with Mwambao as a field officer based at Unguja, she is very interested to work with local and marginalized communities in empowering them towards effective management of marine resources for socio-economic well-being. She is eager to promote women’s involvement and active participation in decision-making as well as increase their benefits from marine resources.

Hanifa Hamdan Omar


Hanifa holds a Bachelor degree in Financial Administration from Zanzibar Institute of Financial Administration, currently known as School of Business from State University of Tanzania. She has experience of accounting from working as an accountant for Taifa Private School. She is happy to join Mwambao where she can be able to practice her profession as well as contribute to conserving the environment.

Ali Mohamed

Ali Mohamed

Assistant Accountant

Ali Mohamed Mzee is a dedicated finance professional whose journey has led him to his current role as an Assistant Accountant at Mwambao Coastal Community Network. With a strong background in accounting & finance with information technology and a passion for community development, Ali plays a crucial part in ensuring transparent financial management to support various initiatives within the organization. His commitment to continuous growth, combined with his belief in the transformative power of finance, underscores his dedication to fostering positive change and equitable progress through effective financial practices.


Mussa Mohamed

Transport Officer

Mussa has vast experience in Transportation 

Juma Faki

Office Assistant

A valuable member of our office team, Juma worked for a seaweed export company for many years. He supports our team needs in Unguja and is very happy to assist with field work including weighing octopus!


Office Assistant

Always a cheerful friendly face, Hamida assists with keeping our office in a liveable state and joins in wherever she can.



Office Assistant

Always a cheerful friendly face, Salama assists with keeping our office in a liveable state and joins in wherever she can.


Ali Sais

Ali Said

Programme Coordinator, Pemba

Formerly a fisheries officer, Ali has spent more than 20 years on fisheries issues and community work in Zanzibar. He is very knowledgeable and passionate about building the capacity of communities for local fisheries management. While supporting Mwambao for several years, he formally joined us in 2017 as our Project Officer in Pemba working to build the capacity of Pemba Channel Conservation Area.

Omar Ismail

Omar Ismail

Marine Co-Management Field Officer

Omar graduated with a Diploma in Aquaculture Technology at the Fisheries Education and Training Agency (FETA) in 2015. He also holds a Bachelor Degree in Environmental Planning and Management from Institute of Rural Development Planning (IRDP) completed in 2019. Omar has recently been the member of YODESO (Young Development Society) in Pemba. He is a Field Officer in Pemba, and leads activities such as Participatory Biodiversity Monitoring. Omar is capable and well experienced to work with folks showing MWAMBAO’s great support to communities’ young groups. He is eager to bring youth together and inspire them to consider their chance in any other Development issues.    


Omary Ukasha

Co-management Field Officer

Omary is a young and energetic graduate in Geography and Environmental Studies from University of Dodoma. His conservation career journey started when he was  volunteering in Mafia District Council in the Environment Department. This paved away for Omary to start the journey towards his passion, by being selected to work as Park Ranger for Mafia Island Marine Park. Omary is happy to join Mwambao as he is now working on his dream of conserving the environment.


Lamis Seif

Co-Management Field Officer


Abdallah Hemed

Abdallah Hemed

Coastal Livelihood Officer

Abdalla was raised from the fisheries based community in Pemba where his passion on Fisheries was started.
He pursued his undergraduate studies from the University of Dar es Salaam ‘UDSM’ on the Bachelor of Science in Aquatic Science and Fisheries.
Currently, he is in our MWAMBAO team as a Coastal livelihood Field Officer, and specifically, he is working under the Mariculture unit mainly on the improvement of Seaweed farming and Sea-cucumber production.

Ruwaida Said

Finance & Logistic Support Officer

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Yunnus Said

Co-management Field Officer


Ali Khamis Khatib

Community Enterprise Trainer

Ali is a community based trainer from Kukuu Village in Pemba. He holds a certificate in Journalism from the Department of Information Zanzibar and 20 years working experience in community facilitation on village savings and loans, as well as community mobilizer on savings, entrepreneurship, soft skills and small business management.

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Ali Aziz


Coming from a fisheries community in Pemba with a always a smiling face Ali plays an important role of making sure that our staff  reaches the Field safely and on time. Having vast experience as a driver for construction companies in Pemba Ali joins Mwambao to help his fellow fisheries communities in Pemba to sustainably manage their resources 

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Muzdalifat Hamad

Office Assistant

Pangani & Tanga


Ahmada Salim

Programme Coordinator -Tanga

Paul Mbandi Ikangala

Co-Management Field Officer

Paul is an experienced officer working for more than 15 years with the coastal communities within Rufiji Delta. He coordinated all the co-management activities within the area, including community capacity building, supporting revenue collection and management of resources. Paul holds a Diploma in Master Fisherman from FETA and is happy to join the Mwambao team supporting revenue collection and management to help fishery resources management and development.

Tumaini Jackson Mwanyemi

Co-Management Field Officer

Tumaini is a young upcoming officer, having a Bachelor degree of Wildlife Management and diploma in aquaculture. He has been working as a fisheries officer at Chamwino District and he is a founder of Aquaculture and Agriculture services for Conservation project (AAS Tanzania). Tumaini is happy to join Mwambao as he wants to spearhead conservation of the marine resources through community and other stakeholders.

Sheha Haji

Co-Management Field Officer


Wille Moses

Co-Management Field Officer

Afikile, widely known as Wille, is an upcoming marine conservation professional, with a history of working in the fisheries sector for 5 years. His passion, commitment, and experience in supporting local communities in managing their marine and coastal resources for sustainability, in love with conservation careers encouraged him to pursue an Ordinary diploma in fisheries management & later a Degree in shipping and logistics management. For the last 2 years joining Mwambao and he has been working as a fisheries Co-management field Officer based in Mkinga (Tanga). He is excellent in community engagement through participatory facilitation, capacity building, resource monitoring, in-water surveys, mentoring, etc.


Edward Mlagala

Co-Management Field Officer



Kengela Mashimba

Co-Management Field Officer



Zulefa Abdullah

Finance & Logistic Officer

Zulefa Hamad is a skilled Finance Administration and Logistics Officer known for their meticulous approach to managing financial operations and coordinating complex logistical processes. With a strong background in finance, she excels in budget management, financial analysis, and resource allocation, contributing to cost savings and strategic planning. Additionally, her adeptness in logistics is evident through her ability to ensure timely deliveries, maintain precise records, and navigate challenges with ease. With a commitment to collaboration, proficiency in software tools, and a constant drive for growth, Zulefa Hamad proves to be an invaluable asset in optimizing operations and achieving Mwambao success.

Tausi Dauka

Office Assistant