Reef Restoration Update: 67 reefballs constructed


Reef restoration update: we now have 67 reefballs ready for deployment at Boma Subutuni, Tanzania – an area previously heavily plagued by blast-fishing!

Mwambao are engaging with Boma Subutuni village to build the capacity of the community’s BMU* and implement a coastal resource management plan. Community agreement on deployment location and subsequent management is key to success. We plan that the reefballs will be incorporated into a permanent or temporary closure as part of Boma’s management plan, offering an opportunity for the restoration of coral reefs destroyed by dynamite fishing.

The reefballs have been built with collaboration between Mwambao, Boma’s BMU*, students from Rustic Pathways critical issues programs and Fish Eagle Point.

*Beach Management Units (BMUs) on mainland Tanzania are the village bodies responsible for management decisions surrounding marine resources.

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